Xiangdu Winery Co., Ltd Company Introduction


Xinjiang Xiangdu Winery Co., Ltd. was established on the 30th April 2002, and brought together the advantages of the region¡¯s rich natural resources and the latest scientific brewing techniques from France. It was planned to combine investment from seven satellite towns of the Xigebi gape-producing area to create a winery with a processing capacity of 30,000 tonnes and 40,000 mu of prime land for producing the grapes required for making wine. Today, 28,000 mu of grapes have already been planted, and a French-style wine chateau has been constructed with a processing capacity of 10,000 tonnes.

Following its founding, Xiangdu Winery was chosen by the Municipal People¡¯s Government as one of 30 key supporting people¡¯s enterprises, a leading enterprise in the agricultural industrialization of Xinjiang. In addition, it was recognized as a leader of the National Forestry Industry, a national leading enterprise in the processing of agricultural products, and a national leader in industrial and agricultural tourism. Furthermore, it has gained the ISO9001:2000 quality management systems certificate, the HACCP (international food safety and quality system) approval certificate, and in China¡¯s wine industry has taken the lead in passing national organic food products certification.

Xiangdu: Products and Market


Xiangdu¡¯s grape-producing land receives a low amount of rainfall, has a large rate of evaporation, and benefits from high- standard water-saving irrigation technology from Israel which makes use of the pure glacial runoff from the Tianshan mountains. Daylight hours are long, and the annual accumulated temperature is 3400¡æ. The period without frost lasts for 180 days, and the soil is predominantly made up of grit, fine sand, and a small amount of gravel. This means that Xiangdu grapes grow have a natural, organic quality, having never been treated with chemicals or fertilizer.

¡®Seven parts raw material, three parts craft;¡¯ the quality of wine is decided by the level of raw materials in addition to the way in which the land is managed, and Xiangdu strictly abides by the requirements of organic, green production. We do not add fertilizer, so that our vineyard can be considered ¡®organic¡¯ in the truest sense of the word, and it is this which is the deciding factor in the high quality of our products ¨C organic wines from the south slope of the Tianshan mountains.

Xiangdu Winery hired Mr. Dominique Roy, owner of the ¡®Pommard Winery,¡¯ a top-class winery in Burgundy and professor of the CFPPA International Wine Academy, and honored his ¡®randomized¡¯ personalized brewing concept to combine traditional French brewing techniques with an organic vineyard - thus making the most authentic French-style wine chateau in China.

Currently, Xiangdu produces several different styles of wine such as Xiangdu Dry White, Xiangdu Dry Red, Xiangdu Cabernet, Xiangdu Lafayette, Xiangdu Anthony, and the Xiangdu Classic Collection. Xiangdu products, infused with the culture of Xiangdu, are positioned in the mid-to-high section of the market and are suitable for those of a mid-to high-level income. Currently, Xiangdu wines are already sold in over 10 municipalities such as Xinjiang, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Fujian; furthermore, they occupy more than 70% of the high-end market in Xinjiang.

The coming 3 years will see cultivation of the market and the process of branding, with an emphasis on sales to the domestic market; after three years, our products will be promoted to the international market on the basis of their organic concept, and it is planned that foreign sales should amount to 30-40% of total sales.

Xiangdu: Quality and Health


The National Wine Quality and Inspection Centre performed 54 tests on Xiangdu wines, and the results showed that Xiangdu wine contained 18 types of amino acid beneficial to human health and a large amount of vitamins and trace elements; in addition, no traces of fertilizer found, making it a completely organic and ecologically green wine. Resveratol is the main element in wine that softens the blood vessels in the brain; normally, resveratol tests for wines show a content of only 2.1mg/L, but the content of Xiangdu wines is as high as 4.7mg/L.

In June of 2004, the Chairman of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) Federico Castallucci, renowned Japanese wine scholar Yosihide Hamanbo, and experts from the French CFPPA Wine Academy expressed a high level of praise for Xiangdu wine after a tasting.

Xiangdu: The Future and Vision


The Xiangdu Winery of today has already established projects such as a French-style chateau with an annual production capacity of 10,000 tonnes, an ¡®Enjoy Great Times at Xiangdu bar, a wine cultural centre, an ecological forest, and a Xiangdu ecological tourism site.

Following the gradual development of our products and the industry, Xiangdu has already taken the first steps in forming an agricultural industrial chain that combines grape planting, cultivation, processing, packaging, sales, storage, and special tourism. As a company we will continue to use agricultural industrialization as our guiding principle, and following completion of development will employ a special industrial chain with grapes at the forefront.
Xiangdu, the home of grapes, the capital of good wine, and the meaning of fields of gold in French; a place full of hope and charm; Xiangdu, a fine wine that bestows the richness of grapes upon our lives, and uses their noble quality and abundant meaning to miraculously create a new wine culture.


Xiangdu Dry Red Wine

Brewed with Cabernet Sauvignon ,this wine is clean ,with raspberry and strawberry flavor ,tannin delicate coordination and homogenous texture .Adopting French Bordeaux style ,the wine bottle with its fresh and simple body is full of romantic elegance of French countryside.


Xiangdu Dry White

Taste fresh ,fruity aroma flavorful ,it id highly suitable to be mixed with seafood .Perfect match and wonderful feeling make dry white more attractive and a new favorite at banquet.


Xiangdu Cabernet

Brewed with Cabernet Sauvignon ,the wine is roughly deep garnet ,with currant smell ,aroma of black currant ,tasty and elegant ,stable and lasting with temperament .Adopting French Bourgogne bottle ,the marks are freestyle fluent.


Xiangdu Anthony

Precisely brewed with Cabernet Sauvignon ,the wine is roughly gemstones deep red ,with silky smoothness oval ,homogeneous mellow taste and strong fragrance of red paddle fruity ,licorice flavor and abundance of Havana cigars concentrated flavor .Bottle standard was drawn by French Artist Nicholas?Anthony personally and hence its name ,valuable and rare ,worth keeping.


Xiangdu Classics

Honorable and elegant ,beyond anybody ,brewed with Xiangdu brewery Cabernet Sauvignon grapes with a limited production ,the wine is roughly deep red gem .Stored in French oak barrels ,it has rich aroma fragrance ,with rd berry ,black currant¡¢licorice ¡¢Havana cigars and oak natural aromatic ,with fine wine mature and stable filling texture.


xiangdu Lafittle

Borrow ideas from France's top wineries - Chateau Lafite, the traditional style of wine, carefully brewed with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Gernischet. The wine is roughly deep garnet red, with gooseburry, black-gallon aroma, delicate soft tannins, stable and homogeneous mellow flavor, and having France's top wine estates of noble character.


La Vie en Rose
Xiangdu Peach Red Wine (dry)

The warm sunshine on the South slope of the Tianshan mountains stimulates the natural colors of Xiangdu Peach Red; like a girl in love, it has a fruitiness that is enchantingly fragrant and a profusion of aromas such as peach, pear, apricot, Hami melon, and banana. As soon as you taste it, there is a release of feeling like your first kiss - such an elegant and powerful feeling of freshness as the finely balanced taste of fruit is wholly released in your mouth. The accompaniment to the slow melody of ¡®La Vie en Rose¡¯, Xiangdu Peach Red wishes you and your loved ones your own, beautiful ¡®La Vie en Rose.¡¯


La Vie en Rose
Xiangdu Peach Red (half-sweet)

Revealing the color of rose petals, and steeped in the beautiful and sweet La Vie en Rose, Xiangdu¡¯ s Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir comes from choice vineyards and is brewed with the utmost care. The mature body of the wine has a fresh, clean and rich fragrance, and is full of the aroma of berries such as strawberries and cherries, with a smooth and full flavor. Its fruitiness, sweetness and sourness are all exceptional, like the joy of two people in love.


The Age of Innocence ¨C Xiangdu Sweet White Wine

As Xiangdu¡¯s sweet white wine slowly spreads within the mouth, the flavor re-awakens the innocence of our childhood with a riotous profusion of aromas such as honey, flowers, and apricots. It opens up our palate, continuing to remind us of the innocence of our childhood, steeped as it is in the happiness of times gone by, wavering amid the high clarity of the pale yellow wine. A fresh and pure flavor with lingers long after the first sip.